During your years here at Sacred Heart you’ll hear our motto — "Learning...loving...living In Christ’s Heart" — repeated often, because not only do we enjoy teaching an aggressive educational curriculum but also because we teach your children that they are special to God and everyone — they are His children, learning to be loyal stewards of His creation and bound for eternal joy. - Principal Joe Nagle

Our History

Sacred Heart Church was founded in 1957 by Archbishop Karl J. Alter with Father Hugo Mentink as the first pastor. The first church and school were dedicated in 1960 and six additional classrooms were built in 1963 and a small gym in 1980. The present church was completed in 1989. Thanks to the generous support of our parishioners and community, Sacred Heart completed a $1.8 million expansion that opened for the 2003/2004 school year. In 2012, Sacred Heart received approval to add Kindergarten starting with the 2013/2014 school year.

Sacred Heart of Jesus School was founded under the direction of the Sisters of St. Francis of Oldenberg, Indiana, which staffed the day school and taught CCD classes for many years. A long litany of lay men and women have served the day school.

We are accredited by Ohio Catholic Schools Accrediting Association and provide religious instruction daily. Sacred Heart of Jesus School complies with all Archdiocese of Cincinnati policy regarding background checks for teaching and non-teaching employees and for volunteers who have direct contact with children. Sacred Heart of Jesus School strictly adheres to the policy of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati governing security and student safety. All teachers, staff and volunteers having direct contact with children must present evidence of a clean criminal background check.

We currently offer grades K-8 with two classes per grade and have graduated over 2,500 students. There were 450 students enrolled in the school as of October 31, 2018.

A Message from our Principal, Joe Nagle

In 1982, the principal called me into her office. I had been teaching grades six through eight for five years, the last three under this good sister’s direction. She was clear in her expectations and teachers either met them or found themselves out of a job. So, I was a bit nervous at her invitation. I remember anxiously waiting to enter, but being surprised when she announced, “I have a leadership opportunity coming up soon and I believe you're a prime candidate." She was referring, of course, to the principal's opening here at Sacred Heart.

At that moment, a new phase of my career was born because someone saw in me things I did not yet see in myself. As I look back, I realize I was prepared, but had been waiting for the “right” opportunity. I’ll never forget her words “No one’s ready. Just commit. The rest will follow if you do that much.”

Today, I’m still discovering my talents. So it is with our Sacred Heart students. It seems to me we are called to continue sister’s work; to see others’ gifts and talents…even ones they don’t see in themselves…and to encourage their development. This is done daily at Sacred Heart by offering these opportunities:

  • Religious instruction and prayer that awakens each child's kinship with God.
  • Interactions with peers across grade levels so they know it’s about “us’ not just “me.”
  • Vibrant, research-based instruction by teachers committed to professional development.
  • Current technology in a wireless environment; take-home iPads issued to 5-8 graders.
  • Core curriculum aligned with national standards plus art, music, and physical education.
  • Development of 21st century skills including creativity, collaboration, digital citizenship.
  • Athletics, drama, and other enrichment opportunities.

In these ways, and so many others along the way, your children will be challenged and supported, formed and molded into a version of themselves of which you can be proud. As partners in your child’s journey to young adulthood, we welcome your interest in Sacred Heart of Jesus School.

I hope your journey to learn more about Sacred Heart will lead to your becoming a member of our school community.

A Message from our Pastor, Fr. Larry Tharp

I am often asked the question by parents who are not part of the Catholic tradition, “Why are your people willing to pay tuition for a grade school education that is already available in the public school system without personal cost to them?” Part of the answer is that Catholic parochial schools are known for the quality of the education their students receive. Part of the answer is that Catholic schools can teach the information in the context of traditional Judeo-Christian morality. This is no longer possible in the public school system. Some may cite the emphasis on discipline. This too is prohibited by the rules applied in the public school context.

For me the answer includes the reasons already mentioned, but I am also a bit more philosophical. Seedlings grow faster and stronger in a greenhouse than they do facing early spring cold and snow. The greenhouse provides warmth and sunlight, nutritious soil and constant watering, and a caretaker with a green thumb. A well run Catholic parochial school provides quality instruction in a context of belief in Jesus Christ, moral principles that form the foundation for a life of faith, and a nurturing community in which the child knows he or she “belongs.” Most parishes (Sacred Heart included) spend between two-thirds and three-fourths of their Sunday collection on their parish school. This sacrifice is not made only so that each student can become a better Catholic. This sacrifice is intended to make better persons who form a more moral community. A parochial Catholic school is a commitment to the community and the nation. Everyone who puts their contribution in the Sunday collection basket is sacrificing to nurture good kids into good people who will become productive citizens contributing to the common good.

You may ask “Father, did you go to a Catholic grade school?” The answer is “No!” I attended one of the last rural community schools. We prayed in school each day. Our teachers demanded adherence to Judeo-Christian moral principles. Today such public schools are deemed politically incorrect and forbidden by law. This is precisely why Catholic parochial schools are so valuable for our parish, community, and nation. This is why we are all willing to sacrifice for Sacred Heart School.

God bless you in your decision. If you see Sacred Heart School as I do, a nursery growing good citizens and souls for eternity, please consider making the sacrifice to educate your child here.