Sacred Heart of Jesus School

The entire school has undergone renovation to provide a state-of-the-art infrastructure and updated learning environment. The facility is air-conditioned, wired for Internet and streaming media. All of the classrooms are located within one building that connects to our church. Our church building is available for liturgies, prayer services, and sacraments. Security of the children is of utmost importance and, therefore, all outside school doors are locked to outsiders during the school day. For a complete overview of security procedures, please see the Security section.


Classrooms have carpeting, SMART Boards, telephones and various educational technologies. The Art Room has sinks, an enameling kiln, and special shelving areas for students’ work. The Music Room is equipped with 30 bar instruments and a variety of percussion instruments.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab has 32 networked touchscreen laptops, an interactive projector and an Apple TV.


Gymnasium facilities are located in the original church. It contains a basketball / volleyball court, adjacent restrooms for boys and girls, an office for the physical education teacher, and a storage area. The gymnasium connects to the stage and lunchroom.

Health Clinic

The Health Clinic contains a cot for ill students, a sink, as well as a new audiometer and vision screening equipment. (See Environment section for more information on Health Management.)


The library media center contains over 12,000 items including easy, fiction, non-fiction, and reference books as well as media and other materials that support the curriculum of the school. There is a story corner, a reading area, and a main area housing the general book collection. There are six computer workstations for students’ to access the on-line library catalog as well as the internet. The library is fully automated through from which students can access the library catalog. The library catalog is accessible through the web at school or at home by clicking on the Academics tab then on Library on the SHJS website. In addition, students have access to reliable and authoritative resources through web page. The library is staffed by a part-time librarian and parent volunteers. The library also serves as the location of the annual book fair in the spring.


Playground areas are located adjacent to the school. They include a large paved area with basketball hoops, a grassy area, a mulched area containing playground equipment such as tables and benches, a climbing tower, slides, and other play structures. The large grassy areas are used for gym class, athletic practices, and other activities that require a large outdoor area.

Special Needs Support

Educational support specialists are all housed in rooms within the school building. The work areas have network accessibility, laptops and an interactive projectors. (Please see Special Needs section).