Sacred Heart of Jesus School

Art Curriculum

SHJS students in kindergarten through 6th  grade attend art class once a week, working in a fully- equipped studio with a licensed visual arts educator. Sacred Heart prides itself in providing access to a complete array of media to even our youngest students, as children from kindergarten onwards experience everything from drawing, painting, and printmaking to weaving, sewing, ceramics, and sculpture. This encourages familiarity with all media and the overarching art- making process, ultimately preparing students to tackle higher-level tasks in their junior high art electives, which are offered each trimester to 7th  and 8th graders. These electives vary between generalized focuses on two-dimensional and three-dimensional media, along with more nuanced topics such as prop-making, digital art, and using art to engage the wider community. Art shows held throughout the year gather SHJS families and friends to celebrate our students' creative achievements!

Music Curriculum

This music program at SHJS is taught with holding the ideals of the Orff-Schulwerk method, and the Feierabend philosophy. These combined ideals are that all people have the potential to become tune-ful, beat-ful, and art-ful, using imitation, exploration, improvisation, and composition. Students will be given opportunities to sing together, dance together, and be moved by expressive music.

We will explore music throughout our history, and history from around the world, through dance, song, research, and through the lives of composers.

Students 3rd grade and up will have the opportunity to sing in the church choir during school liturgies.

Students 4th grade and up will have the opportunity to join the band program.

Junior High students have the opportunity to choose electives that suit their interests. In the music department, we offer the electives of Music Production and Musical Theatre. In Music Production, students will be able to learn more in depth about how music is created, and how music making has evolved over time. In Musical Theatre, students will learn all about the world of theatre, and grow in their performance abilities.

Kids Music Program

Theatrical Productions

For information on our theatrical productions, please look under the Drama Club section on our Activities page.