Sacred Heart of Jesus School

"In the Heart of Jesus, the center of Christianity is set before us. It expresses everything, all that is genuinely new and revolutionary in the New Covenant. This Heart calls to our heart. It invites us to step forth out of the futile attempt of self-preservation and, by joining in the task of love, by handing ourselves over to him and with him, to discover the fullness of love which alone is eternity and which alone sustains the world." - Pope Benedict XVI

Mission Statement

Rooted in the gospel, the mission of Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School is to empower students to acquire knowledge and to follow Christ so they may enrich their lives and the lives of others.

Our Beliefs

We believe...

  • ...that we are called by God to serve others.

  • ...that students are called to become aware of their own and others' inherent goodness.

  • ...that parents are the primary educators of their children in the ways of faith and that teachers are their partners.

  • ...that students should come to embrace the truths expressed in the Catholic magisterium and its deposit of faith.

  • ...that the gospel calls students into a community that fosters mutual respect, leadership, encouragement and accountability.

  • ...that all students can learn.

  • ...that students learn best in a supportive, nurturing environment.

  • ...that the best learning is purposeful, contextual, and social.

  • ...that learning is often non-linear and develops over time.

  • ...that learners demonstrate understanding by applying learning to new situations.

  • ...that different ways of thinking include creativity and innovation; critical thinking and problem solving; metacognition; communication and collaboration; and information literacy.

  • ...that student assessment should be varied, authentic and realistic.

  • ...that students' prayer experiences should be varied.

  • facilitating learning through best practices supported by current technology.

  • the importance of collaboration among children, teachers, parents and our community through prayer, service, work and play.

  • Endorsed by the Sacred Heart of Jesus faculty, September, 2016

    Endorsed by the Sacred Heart Church Education Commission, October, 2016