Sacred Heart of Jesus School


All classrooms have interactive projectors, Apple TV's and document cameras. Our computer lab was upgraded in 2017 with touchscreen laptops utilized by each K-8 student for use with G Suite including Google Docs and Classroom. Grades 4-8 participate in a 1:1 iPad program. Grades K-3 have access to iPad technology in the classroom. The library PC's were also upgraded in 2017. Every teacher has a laptop and an iPad.

We utilize a 100 MB/s data exchange rate through our Internet Service Provider, SWOCA (Southwest Ohio Computer Association). Additionally, we utilize Cisco Aironet access points throughout the school giving us access to the latest technology available.

Our Sacred Heart mobile app is used to communicate with our families and staff.

OptionC is the school management system utilized, which provides parents access to all academic information regarding their student.

Long-Term Objectives

There is and will continue to be a major focus on achieving the ISTE Standards, Ohio Technology Standards, and The Archdiocese of Cincinnati Technology Plan for those items which apply to Sacred Heart of Jesus School. All these standards can be found at Archdiocese of Cincinnati Technology Information.

Each teacher will review the following standards each year for the respective grade level to assess what is achievable and strive to meet as many of the standards as is practical. These standards will serve as a road map and guideline to integrating technology into the curriculum and is incorporated in the current Sacred Heart of Jesus Technology Plan.

Philosophy & Overview

Rooted in the gospel, our mission is to empower students to acquire knowledge and to follow Christ in order to enhance their own lives and the lives of others. The capabilities and use of technology are varied. While individual and group needs determine what technology is required to perform a particular task, technology will inevitably come into play as a learning and productivity tool. Our belief is that technology serves students best when it is integrated seamlessly into the curriculum. Technology is not an end in itself, although some direct instruction in its various applications is necessary. Rather, it is a tool to assist students to comprehend and extend ideas and concepts presently set forth in the graded courses of study promulgated by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Department of Educational Services. These documents are used routinely as planning guides here at Sacred Heart of Jesus School.

Technology Committee Mission

The mission of the school’s technology committee is to create, promulgate, and monitor the effectiveness of a written plan that:

  • integrates technology into the curriculum for the enhancement of student learning,
  • facilitates high-quality teaching,
  • enhances communication among parents and teachers in supporting the school’s overall growth and development.