Sacred Heart of Jesus School


In keeping with the school’s mission statement, discipline at Sacred Heart School focuses on the rights of the student and others: both the teacher’s right to teach and the student’s right to learn. Effective discipline is viewed as the parents’ role and begins at home with training and guidance. The teacher’s role is viewed as one of support for this training, working to include and develop other dimensions such as service to others.

Students are expected at all times to demonstrate respect for themselves and others, to contribute to the learning environment and to follow school and classroom procedures.

Discipline problems are addressed through specific guidelines outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook, with emphasis placed on maintaining an effective learning and social environment for all students.

Dress Code

Uniforms for boys and girls are required during school hours with exceptions being made by the administration for special occasions. Details concerning uniforms and dress codes can be found in the 2018-2019 Parent/Student Handbook on our SHJS App. Spirit wear and other items with the Sacred Heart logo are available for purchase at Back To School Night in August and throughout the year from Educational Outfitters (School Code OH0118) or Land's End (School code 900026519, Logo #0055537K).

Health Management

The health and safety of students are a primary concern and all students are required to have proper immunizations and booster shots as outlined by state law. A school nurse is available to minister to ill or injured students, to maintain student health records, and to assist in the control of communicable diseases. Parents are notified of health concerns that may occur during school hours. Students who are deemed to be carrying contagious diseases or infections are promptly sent home to ensure the health of the other students. Students are not permitted to have medications of any kind in their possession on school property. Further information regarding immunization requirements and health issues can be found in the Parent/Student Handbook.


Hot lunch service is provided by Fairfield City Schools. Each student enters a code number upon purchase and the amount is deducted from his/her online debit account. Students may bring a home-packed lunch instead. Milk and bottled water are available for purchase each day.


All students have at least one recess period per day. Outdoor recess periods take place on a large, paved playground and adjacent fields located next to the school. Equipment includes a safe play set, basketball hoops, tables and benches, painted 4-square and hopscotch areas. The safety of the students is the foremost concern and all school discipline policies apply to the recess periods. When inclement weather prevents outside play, the teachers and volunteers monitor inside play.

Special Events

Various special events take place during the school year to enhance the students’ educational, religious, and social experiences. These may include Right to Read Week, Vocation Awareness Week, Catholic Schools Week, and various holiday activities.

Student Birthdays

Students are welcome to share a birthday treat with their classmates and teachers. Parents are asked to obtain the teacher’s approval on the type of treat to avoid food allergies and date and time, to avoid scheduling conflicts. Summer birthdays may be celebrated on the student’s half birthday.